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Transformation Channel

Empowering    Down to Earth    Straight Forward

Jessica's sessions are enlightening, empowering and healing. With a down to earth, straight-forward approach, she offers clients from all over the world clarity, confirmation and alignment.

Winter Retrieval Readings 

Available again Winter 2022

Imagine how freeing it'll be to uncover what your core wound is - the prominent aspect of your being you came into this lifetime to heal. From there, you can begin to love yourself so deeply that you refuse to live anything less than the satisfaction and radiance that only comes from complete alignment with who you are. 

Winter always provides space for self reflection and for things to die away we no longer need that have served us the best they can. This way, we can make room for new life in the spring.

What better time is there to discover your core wound and begin your journey of coming into complete alignment with who you are?

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Say OM

Free meditations to remind you of the priceless gift you are.

Insights for Evolving

An examination of the word and how its used.


4 questions to help nurture your relationship with time.



A course on integrating spiritual wisdom in order to master your physical reality.