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Divine Connection Readings

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Using my divine connection and clear channel, I’ll connect to your energy and address your questions and concerns for any area of life.

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Psychic Visionary

Empowering    Down to Earth    Straight Forward

Jessica is a psychic visionary. Her sessions are enlightening, empowering and healing. With a down to earth, straight-forward approach, she offers clients from all over the world clarity, confirmation and alignment.


Divine Connection Readings infuse the spiritual and practical. They identify blocks and attachments and help you align to your true purpose and state of being.


You’ll feel confident about using the many innate ways you already know to tap into, build and trust your own intuition, and you’ll walk away with an action plan that helps support your choices and direction.


Divine Connection Readings offer a chance to connect deeply with the living – people, animals and plants – but it’s also common for a reading to be graced with messages from deceased loved ones.

Jessica has an incredible clairvoyant ability and answers every question you can come up with with effortless grace. She gets archetypal and symbolic images and interprets them with finesse in relation to your specific questions, giving you clarity, peace, and excitement about the amazing future that you are living into. I highly recommend booking a session with her – it could just change your life!


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