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Available again
Winter 2022
Deep dive into your core wound/life lesson/blind spot. Learn how it affects your life. Begin to heal and change the narrative.

*Bookings outside designated timeframe will be canceled and refunded.

Available again Winter 2022*

About Core Wounds

Imagine how freeing it'll be to uncover what your core wound is - the prominent aspect of your being you came into this lifetime to heal. From there, you can begin to love yourself so deeply that you refuse to live anything less than the satisfaction and radiance that only comes from complete alignment with who you are. 

Core wounds can be hard to identify because their offshoots and symptoms shift and change positions in our lives like shadows change depending on which direction the light is shining. So sometimes we think they're one thing when they're really something else, yet they are always influencing our decisions, and adjusting the settings on our filters for better or worse.


Often times we've built our entire lives on the RESTRICTIONS of our core wound instead of what's possible, which brings us back, time and again to the feeling of failure or 'something is off' or the question of 'What am I doing wrong?' 

Winter always provides space for self reflection and for things to die away we no longer need that have served us the best they can. This way, we can make room for new life in the spring.

What better time is there to discover your core wound and begin your journey of coming into complete alignment with who you are?

More on core wounds, why it's so important you identify yours and what doing so can bring you.
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About the Reading

Winter Retrieval Readings are a starting point, a brief, deep dive, and work a little differently than other readings. I still use my divine connection to tune into your energy and deliver messages, but these readings may require a bit more of your participation. 


There may be a few questions I ask to open you up to a deeper state of self reflection. There may be breath work I guide you through to help you realize where the pain of your core wound and its symptoms have gathered in your life and body to help you release it. There may be suggestions I make on specific tools you can use moving forward to continue releasing this energy after our call.  


It all depends on what you need. 

*Bookings outside designated timeframe will be canceled and refunded.

Why this Offer

I'm sounding the alarm. As with most significant collective shifts, I feel them intensely in advance as I've been feeling this one.

So what am I talking about?
In a nutshell, it's an opportunity we've always had to choose to direct our lives more intentionally. But conditions haven't been this fertile for so many at the same time and surely what we choose hasn't been ready to move into our orbits and realities so swiftly. I keep hearing, "It's foolproof; it's foolproof," with everything I look into to see if or how it can support my life. And that has never been the case before.

But just as we have free will to pull positive, specific to us realities close, others have the free will to believe that traditional outdated structures are the best for all involved, while trying to uphold them.

And there lies the conflict.

As I'm shown, some will fearlessly tap into their tools and strategies, pair up through collaborations and without pause, wield the necessary energies - anything to bring about their visions. And others will do the same, clinging to old paradigms and using old tactics of manipulation and force that most will see right through and dismantle every time.

But really it's common sense.

There's no way the world could return to some past idea of "normal" with all that has been exposed in the last couple years, especially when we're still governed as a society by systems and structures that date back to the industrial revolution, which are no longer needed as they currently are. It's time for a round of MAJOR revisions.

So what will you choose? Because not choosing isn't an option, and inaction and indecision will leave you open to an unnecessary game of intense tug of war...with yourself.

Don't know where to start? As a rule of thumb - when we're calling in more light, in whatever form, our own businesses, better opportunities, deeper relationships, more prosperity...there will always be darkness we first have to traverse. So get to it.

*Bookings outside designated timeframe will be canceled and refunded.