Divine Connection Readings are available over the phone. Using my clear channel, I’ll connect to your energy and address your questions and concerns for any area of life. 


The more open you are doing a reading, the more information and messages flow, creating infinite possibilities for learning about who you are, what your soul wants, how to make life more comfortable and enjoyable and the steps to get there.

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What to expect

I’m clairblended and receive information and messages through images (clairvoyance), sound (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), intuition (claircognizance) and sometimes even taste (clairgustance). 

During a reading, I’ll ask that we take a few deep breaths together and at that time, I’ll connect to your energy and deliver the messages as I receive them. I’ll also ask what area of life you’d like to focus on or if you have specific questions as a way to help guide the reading and make the most of our time together. You're welcome to prepare this information prior to our call.

Readings are provided for one person only. Time cannot be split between two or more individuals, nor do I provide group readings. 

Cancellation Policy

Clients must give 48-hour notice to cancel an appointment. Otherwise, clients are charged a $25 short-notice cancellation fee with 24-hours or less notice prior to the appointment time.

Clients will not be refunded for any appointment they do not show up for nor contact me regarding.

Beliefs and understandings

Although I use the word psychic it does not mean that I can predict your future, because no one’s future is set in stone. It shifts and changes based upon our free will and choices. However, I can see the outcomes you are most aligned with, given where you are in life, and the energy surrounding that reality. I also help you understand the choices in front of you, intentions you can set and actions you can take to better align with the reality you desire to live. I leave you feeling empowered and capable of taking those steps, but the rest is up to you.  

What I do NOT offer

Straight mediumship sessions. Although my gifts allow me to communicate with the departed and act as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world, all my sessions begin on the psychic level. Any deceased loved ones who wish to make an appearance tend to do so through  ‘the back door’. This means that if they have a message for an area of your life we are discussing, they’ll let it be known and at that time may offer more messages and insights. But this happens very organically and sometimes not at all.

Spells and incantations. Under no circumstances will I aid in the creation of spells and incantations. I do not speak that language nor use those tools.