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Nature is a captivating audience.

Even when we think she isn't listening or aware, right on cue, she shows up with rain to clear away fires or wind to shift a storm offshore, as if answering our direct call with a response. We build on her, take her for granted, knock her off balance mining her goods. Yet she still offers her most primordial and sophisticated possessions for our survival, all without even a thank you in return. Her medicinal properties keep us well, her food keeps us fed and her intellect supersedes even the eldest of those living. She consists of worlds within worlds, knowledge transformed into wisdom and is always eager and available to teach us her ways.

Here are 5 unique ways to demonstrate appreciation for nature's giving nature.

1) Walk barefoot in the grass. In our feet are chakras that are naturally activated and healed when we touch the earth. Opening these chakras grounds us, makes us feel more safe and secure and expedites healing to the body and other chakras.

2) Talk to plants and trees. Do you ever stop to admire a plant or tree while taking a walk? They contain amazing healing properties. This simple focus of attention will yield more plants and trees appearing in your line of sight, ready to give you what you need in the moment.

3) Spend an afternoon near the ocean. The ocean is a powerful grounding and healing vortex. One afternoon on the beach and your skin and mind are cleared, your body is relaxed and you're one with yourself and the universe for days to come.

4) Eat more fresh grown foods. Pick a meal, day or dish where you use entirely fresh ingredients. Take note of the comfort and wholesomeness this meal provides.

5) Collect natural objects.

Before maximizing your mantle or coffee table with trinkets, collect a few stones, shells, fossils or branches to include in your design. There's a rarity found in the act of bringing the outside in. For one, these objects remind us of the world's expansiveness and help us keep our home-life imperfections in perspective. You can take it a step further and build an altar for gratitude.


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