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verb: combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole.
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The deeper we traverse into the mysticism of our existence, the more is asked of us in order to integrate the knowledge imbued. But no one ever tells a seeker just how difficult this can be. There’s a misguided trust that the boon of grace gifted in those early days of awakening will always feel just as ecstatic as ever. But sometimes it doesn’t, especially when you’re called to elevate in areas that cause the most turmoil and bring some of your BIGGEST life lessons. 

Integrating spiritual understandings into your physical reality can be a complex process which shouldn't be left to "just happen." It deserves its own space and focus.

It's during this period of integration where you suss out what's needed for the next phase of your life, meticulously decide what you'll take with you and what you'll leave behind, adjust the foundation and structure of your current life to support it all, and most importantly, not only recognize the mindset you need, but learn to embody it.
Going at it alone - you run the risk of getting stuck somewhere in the process, taking far longer than necessary, or glossing over crucial steps that cause your life to shine way duller than you want it to.

What if a course...

  • went far deeper than surface level ways to integrate spirituality into daily life
  • put a spotlight on your unique blind spots
  • uncovered precisely what course of action to take
  • helped answer deeper questions about your biggest life lessons and core wounds you may find hard to even articulate that you can master your physical reality like you continue to elevate your spiritual understandings? 
  • 6 modules and
  • 3 months
  • Weekly calls
  • Chat access 
  • A robust Activation Vault for continued growth
This course on integration is coming soon.
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